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Confronting complex and challenging legal issues to protect your rights.


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Wedding Rings

Divorce: Contested and Uncontested

Military Divorce

Spousal Support

Child Support

Child Custody and Visitation

Property Distribution

Support and Custody Modifications


Temporary Support (Pendente Lite)

Business Conference

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

Reasonable Accommodations for Disabilities


Family and Medical Leave

Employee Disciplinary Actions and Removals

EEOC Complaints

MSPB Appeals


SF-86/e-QIP assistance

Statement of Reasons

Letter of Intent/Interrogatory

Suitability Appeals/SF-85

Public Trust/Fitness Determinations

Clearance Denials

DOHA Appeals

Serving Fairfax County, VA; Prince William County, VA;  Loudoun County, VA; and Montgomery County. MD.

Serving federal government employees worldwide.

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