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Divorce and Family Law Attorney for Fairfax and Loudon County, VA and Montgomery County, MD

Comprehensive Divorce Services

Divorces where the parties can agree on the basic parameters of their agreement can proceed with very little conflict.  In other cases, the parties are unable to agree on anything resulting in significant conflict.

High Conflict Divorce

Family issues can create some of the most difficult and emotionally trying times in a person's life.  Nobody looks forward to separation and divorce.  And it is especially difficult when children are involved.  The decisions you make during this process often have a life-long impact.  You must divide marital property, make spousal and child support determinations, and address custody and visitation of your children.  Most people benefit from the advice of an experienced attorney.


My goal is to represent you to assist you with the legal issues to allow you to move on with your life.  I understand how challenging this process is from personal experience and I will work closely with you to ensure that you get the best outcome possible.  I focus on maintaining open lines of communication while advocating to protect your rights. 


It is typically best for the parties to reach a negotiated settlement but where that is not possible I will be prepared to represent you in court to ensure your legal rights are protected.  I will apply my litigation experience and negotiating skills to help you navigate the court system or attempt to reach a resolution.  

I handle a wide variety of family law cases including the following:

I serve individuals and families in Fairfax County, Virginia; Loudon County, Virginia and

Montgomery County, MD

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