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Security Clearance Representation

Answering Questions on your SF-86

If you have questions about how to completely and accurately complete your SF-86, attorney assistance is vital to ensure you answer each question appropriately.  I will assist you with responding to questions accurately and truthfully in the best manner to help mitigate potential problems.  My goal is to ensure you have the best opportunity for your clearance to be granted in the most expeditious manner as possible.

Statement of Reasons

Receiving a Statement of Reasons (SOR) does not necessarily mean you will lose your security clearance and ending your career.  In many cases, providing an adequate response will mitigate the government’s concerns.  I am experienced in identifying mitigating circumstances and pointing out inaccuracies in the SOR to support a favorable clearance adjudication without the need for a formal hearing.  A legally-sound, well-written response from an attorney can save you time and money.


As an experienced trial attorney I will advocate aggressively and professionally for you to ensure you present the best possible case.  In most cases I recommend you request an in-person hearing so you can address the questions the Administrative Judge may have about you.


If the Administrative Judge issued a decision not granting your clearance, you may appeal since you are entitled to have the rules fairly applied.  I will assist you in reviewing the transcript to identify legal and/or procedural errors that may have occurred and may provide a basis for appeal.   


If you were denied a clearance there is a one-year waiting period before you can re-apply by obtaining permission from the DOHA Director.  I will assist you with your re-application to give you the best possible chance for a clearance.

I provide worldwide security clearance service to military members, federal government employees, and contractor employees. 

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